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MacMillan Associates Inc. is a multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm that provides the following services.

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Building power and lighting systems are the basis of our Electrical Engineering Department. Our experience also includes specialty lighting, short circuit analysis, arc flash studies, emergency power design, site lighting and solar and wind power. Our low voltage system experience includes phone, data, security and sound systems.



Our Industrial Engineering Department generates the drawing, specifications, sketches and reports you need to keep progress moving at your facility.  We assemble multi-discipline bid packages for projects such as new facilities, additions, and cooling towers with an eye for efficiency and energy savings.  Single and multi-discipline projects and reports within structural, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines are regularly performed.  These may be mist and dust collection systems, press foundations, structural reinforcing or modification along with electrical power load and arc flash studies.

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Our Mechanical Engineering Department has experience in all building systems including heating, ventilation, plumbing, chillers, boilers, VAV and geothermal heating and cooling, and solar heating systems. In addition to design services, we can provide commissioning services to ensure that the designed systems perform as intended. Additionally, re-commissioning services are available to benchmark the performance of your existing system and design modifications necessary to upgrade it.

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Taking on difficult structural challenges while generating unique, economical solutions is the goal of our Structural Engineering Department. We are experienced in design and analysis of steel, concrete, masonry, and timber building systems. We have solved difficult foundation problems with a variety of tools such as underpinning, sheet piling, deep compaction methods and piling. We can assist in saving deteriorated structures such as concrete parking decks and bridges along with historic masonry buildings. We use the latest analytical techniques and time tested methods and materials.

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MacMillan Associates uses laser scanning technology to create point clouds and/or high definition photos of all kinds of facilities and in all kinds of spaces. Scanning services can include documenting as-built conditions and thermal imaging as well as providing point cloud information to clients in various file formats compatible with AutoCAD and REVIT.



Our design teams utilize the latest version of both AutoCAD and REVIT for our 3D modeling projects. These projects cover structural, electrical and mechanical services including construction documentation or for existing "as-constructed" conditions. MacMillan Associates also provides BIM Coordination services for electrical, mechanical and structural contractors using REVIT and Navisworks Manage.

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A project is a unique activity with defined scope, resources and time frame. MacMillan Associates project managers can assist you with planning, implementing, monitoring and controlling your short or long term projects. With MacMillan Associates managing your multi-discipline teams and providing cost control and scheduling, you can achieve the goals of your project, regardless of size and complexity. Our team members can manage your project from our location or your site, depending on your needs.

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Commissioning is the process of verifying that the performance of a new building's systems meets the design intent. Retro-Commissioning is the process of commissioning existing building systems and verifying that they meet current operational needs. Retro-Commissioning involves identifying system needs, testing and evaluation, developing a prioritized budget of system revisions, design and specification of system improvements, construction, testing, owner training, and ongoing review of system performance.

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